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The delivery of my scale rulers to New Zealand was excellent. I can highly recommend doing business with Building Link Ltd, these people know the value of a customer; I will be coming back.

John Oliver HIANDRI Solutions Ltd, New Zealand
Flat oval scale rulers

Flat oval scale rulers

Triangular scale rulers

Triangular scale rulers

Promotional Rulex products

Promotional Rulex products

Rulex scale rulers  

Scale rules are essential tools for many construction professionals. Architects, builders, designers and engineers will all use scale rulers during the construction process.  The Rulex range offers both oval/flat scale rulers and triangular scale rulers, each featuring the most popular scales.

Manufactured in the UK to guarantee quality and accuracy, the competitively priced Rulex range offers unrivalled value for money.

If you can't find the scales you're after, please visit There you'll find a wide range of scale rulers including the Linex and Verulam brands along with an extensive selection of scales including those for imperial and metric/imperial conversion.

custom scale ruler


For a minimum quantity of just 25, Rulex rulers can be fully customised - you can specify the scales you'd like shown, you can even specify the colour the scales are printed in!  So if you'd like metric scales one one side and imperial on the other, or for the same scale to be featured on every edge - we can do it.  Please click here for further details.

 Rulex scale rulers are now available to the trade - please contact us for details.

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