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The rulers look great, everyone is very pleased with them.

Rick Peterson, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology University of Central Lancashire, School of Forensic and Applied Sciences

Modelling scale rulers

150mm (6") and 300mm (12") scale rulers for model railway enthusiasts:

Our British model railway scale rulers come in both 150mm and 300mm versions.  They feature the four most popular railway scales (OO gauge, HO gauge, N gauge and O gauge), one scale on each edge.  the scales go right up to the edge of the ruler meaning that it's easy to measure from the 'ground up'.  The increments are shown in feet and divisions thereof.

An average sized person (5' 9", 175cm) is shown againts each scale to make it easy to get figures in proportion.

For a minimum quantity of just 25, we can fully customise the rulers to your requirements.  This means you can choose the scales and the print design to go on the rulers.  For more information click here or contact us on 01206 272020 or

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    150mm (6") Rulex British model railway scale ruler

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    300mm (12") Rulex British model railway scale ruler

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